Mendeley, get your citation writing automatically

As an academic, when we shall make some papers, we must have some real sources as references. Like a journal, it should be has identities such as name of journal, publication time, the author, etc. A good paper has many references, sometime in a paragraph, one reference for one statement. The more papers that we used need a management. We will not lose them or needs more time to find a folder we stored before.

Mendeley is a combination of a desktop application and a website which helps you manage, share and discover both content and contacts in research. Mendeley Desktop, offers you:

  1. Automatic extraction of document details (authors, title, journal etc.) from academic papers into a library database, which saves you a lot of manual typing. As more people use Mendeley, the quality of the data extraction improves.
  2. Super-efficient management of your papers: “Live” full-text search across all your papers – the results start to appear as you type! Mendeley Desktop also lets you filter your library by authors, journals or keywords. You can also use document collections, notes and tags to organize your knowledge, and export the document details in different citation styles.
  3. Sharing and synchronisation of your library (or parts of it) with selected colleagues. This is perfect for jointly managing all the papers in your lab!
  4. More great features: A plug-in for citing your articles in Microsoft Word, OCR (image-to-text conversion, so you can full-text search all your scanned PDFs) and lots more new features being worked upon.Our website, Mendeley Web, complements Mendeley Desktop by offering you these features:
  1. An online back up of your library: Store your documents in your account and access them from anywhere through your browser.
  2. Detailed statistics of all things interesting: You can upload your own publications to your research profiles, then track the evolution of your readership. How often are your papers downloaded? How often are they read? From which academic disciplines and geographic regions do your readers come from? Additionally, there are detailed statistics for each academic discipline and research topic. Who are the up-and-coming authors in your discipline? Is the interest in a research topic growing or declining? What are the most widely read papers on a specific subject?
  3. A research network that allows you to keep track of your colleagues’ publications, conference participations, awards etc., and helps you discover people with research interests similar to yours.
  4. A recommendation engine for papers that might interest you, but are not yet in your library! Based on what you know already, what should you read next? Coming soon.

Mendeley Features

Creating mendeley Account

  1. Click on
  2. Click on the ‘create a free account’ tap


  1. Fill in the blank form, then click ‘sign in’

 Getting started with Mendeley DekstopSnapCrab_NoName_2014-8-12_21-41-21_No-00

  1. Add / import papers
  • Drag and drop files and folders
  • Import your library from other research software
  • Use the Web Importer to import from anywhere
  1. Organize your library
  • Sort, view, highlight and annotate PDFs
  • Star favorites and store them in multiple folders
  • Filter and search for keywords
  1. Start generating citations
  • Install the word plugin
  • Auto-generate citations and bibliographies
  • Change formats to suit your chosen style

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